Aussie mandarins will start to appear on the shelves in early April.

Early season fruit will predominantly come from the Queensland regions and the Southern states will soon follow with their juicy mandarins. Expect to see Aussie mandarins on sale right through to October/November.

Currently, there are 4,900 hectares of mandarins planted with a total of 2.3 million trees.

Citrus Australia estimates there are approximately 400 mandarin growers nationally.

In 2009, an estimated 107,000 tonnes of mandarins were produced. About 30,000 tonnes were exported (about 28% of the national crop).

The key mandarin regions:

Queensland - 2960 hectares/1,261,054 trees
Riverland - 815 hectares/455,625 trees
Murray Valley - 723 hectares/408,339 trees
Western Australia - 259 hectares/132,785 trees
Riverina – 91 hectares/38,530 trees
Northern Territory - 9 hectares/4755 trees
Bourke and Narromine - 7 hectares/5044 trees
East Coast New South Wales (Gosford + Lismore) - 6 hectares/3286 trees